"At this point in my life, I'm more interested in what art can DO, than just DOING art." 

-Morgan Breon

ARTivism was birthed from the notion that the creation of art is the beginning of social activism. The goal is to develop and produce art that gets communities discussing issues that people don't usually talk about, for a variety of different reasons. Once discussions are started, then connections begin forming inner- and inter-communally that can fuel these conversations with action. And eventually with action, comes change. At, LLC we couple performances with: dialogue, seminars, workshops, presentations, etc. and develop whatever structure is necessary to shift our clientele to the next level! 

Photo taken by Peter Smith Photography.

This video features a series of clips from a speech given at Wayne State University at the 2017 Committee On the Status of Women (COSW) at the university.


This art-infused speech incorporated poetry and a PowerPoint presentation to discuss the themes in the play, Waking Up Alive

This highly interactive presentation entitled, Don't Appropriate, Appreciate!, discusses cultural appropriation at multiple levels. The inclusion of: music, singing and group activities engages audiences in a conversation that can often feel intimidating.


This presentation premiered in February 2018 at the University of Michigan's Hill Auditorium for UMS' Kaleidoscope event. 

Photos taken by Peter Smith Photography.


Our art-infused workshops use performance and activities to engage audiences in discussion and action-oriented learning.


This workshop entitled, Creating Your Own Narratives, empowers audiences to capitalize on their own unique stories. This premiered at Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit in September 2018. 

#ARTivism AT WORK!