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"Waking Up Alive" Reading at SpreadArt Detroit!

Playwright Morgan Breon debuts full length version of the stage play, "Waking Up Alive" during a staged reading at SpreadArt in Detroit, MI.

*The event was curated by Emilio Rodriguez, 2017 SpreadArt Artist-in-Residency. The reading was well acted by Detroit actors: Victoria Army (Tabitha), Arrie Lane (Lady Dee), Yakeem Tatum (Mr. Conners), Kayla Mundy (Cameron) and Phil Rice (Pastor Swan).

*Watch clips from the reading and read more information on the event below!

It's been two years since the one-act version of "Waking Up Alive" won the Jury's Award at the 2015 Detroit Fringe Festival. Now, two years later, Playwright Breon is ready to bring the full story to life. The video above features clips from the reading as well as segments from the hour plus discussion inspired by the provocative piece that tackles religion and mental illness. Over 30 attendees from different walks of life attended the event and while their views varied on many things, one thing mostly everyone could agree on was describing the piece of art as: "brave."