A Docu-Stage Play

The official title of this much anticipated project will not be announced until our first full-length premiere! 

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This project strives to empower the voices of Black Women in America by creating a space for them to tell their own, full stories. These full stories involve the stories of 27 women and 72 hours of conversation. This project will be performed as an ensemble show, as well as a one-woman show! Immediately after the performance, the audience is invited to have community conversations in order to dive deeper into the themes and stories presented!

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Premiere Preview


On May 24, 2018, Heal.Be.Live., LLC premiered a preview version of "Telling Our Stories" at the University of Michigan Hatcher Graduate Library Gallery. The event was sponsored by Library Fellows: Jesus Espinoza and Sheila Garcia. The preview included excerpts from the script, in a staged reading format, as well as a discussion. Over 100 audience members attended the event!

*Check out photos from the event above. All photos of the event were generously taken by: Jesse Meria


C. McCallum,

Associate Professor

Eastern Michigan University

I am still dripping in my Black Girl Magic from last night. What a wonderful performance and presentation of our stories. I am so happy I was able to be there!

I even was tearing up a little bit, and I’m getting emotional now...in the play, [it said that] Black women don’t feel like their stories need to be told, and I feel that resonated with me. I know I’m special. I know I’m important, but I still didn’t feel like my story needed to be told until I heard a piece of it on stage...and I was like, Oh, that’s my unique experience. That someone may be able to identify or not identify with me." And it felt like an experience...I’ll never get again. So I appreciate [Morgan Breon for] sharing that opportunity with me. Thank you for having us all feel empowered...

I felt significant.

What I appreciated and recognized being in the room...[was] the frequency with which I was not at the center...and how powerful it was for me to experience being outside of that. And just to recognize the opportunity that it provided for others to see their stories represented in ways that are so unavailable in many other places.

N. Vedhapudi,

MBA Student

University of Michigan

S. Armstrong,

Artistic Director

University of Michigan

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