A Stage Play

After a young, black minister attempts suicide, the church is left in disarray determining whether she is “fit” to serve the congregation any longer. Questions as to what the Bible says about suicide are raised. Her ability to serve the community effectively is also questioned, having potentially "tainted" the ministry. The play explores views on mental illness within: the black community, the black church, and similarly impacted communities at large. “Waking Up Alive” discusses the reality of:  weakened faith, redemption, God’s grace and God’s ability to use anyone...even the “broken.” Even the, dare say it, “mentally ill.”  The play also explores how anyone, even the ones declared “most faithful” fall. And if they do indeed fall, they too, need help getting back up again.

View Morgan Breon talking about the play as a

2018 Kresge Arts in Detroit Fellow HERE!

Photo courtesy of the MITTEN Lab, taken by Wolf Tytschkowski.

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