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Disclaimer (Users)

WARNING! IF YOU OR YOUR CHILD IS PRESENTLY EXPERIENCING A MENTAL HEALTH EMERGENCY OR IF YOUR STUDENT OR CLIENT IS PRESENTLY EXPERIENCING A MENTAL HEALTH EMERGENCY, OR IF YOU ARE FEELING LIKE HARMING YOURSELF OR OTHERS OR IF YOUR CHILD OR STUDENT OR CLIENT IS FEELING LIKE HARMING HIMSELF OR HERSELF OR OTHERS, CALL 9-1-1 OR GO DIRECTLY TO THE NEAREST EMERGENCY ROOM., LLC's programs and materials and information contained therein are not a substitute for medical, psychological, psychiatric, or mental health advice or recommendations and do not constitute any kind of medical treatment, counseling, therapy or advice., LLC's program is not to be used to diagnose or treat a mental health problem or as a substitute for consulting a medical or mental health professional. Mental health diagnoses and treatment should be provided only by a qualified mental health professional.

Disclaimer (Company), LLC is not a mental health organization and does not officially endorse any of the resources presented today, nor are we responsible for the way in which participants engage with the resources presented. Rather, we present these resources as additional ways to reflect on today’s topic.

Although, LLC has a mission to yield healing through art, we are not a clinical-based or resourced company. We do not serve as alternatives to medical professionals and if you feel triggered in any life-threatening way, please seek out professional help or call 911. 

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