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Meet Morgan! 

(Founder & CEO)

Morgan Breon holds four degrees from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor—Dual Masters in Social Work and Education Policy, and Dual Bachelors in Psychology and English. She is a Certified Relationship Coach in the Gibson Integrated Attachment Theory.


Morgan’s core passion is fostering healing and support for Black youth and young adults. She has been a volunteer and mentor with foster care and adoption agency Spaulding for Children since 2012. In addition to facilitating youth workshops through her program, P.O.W.W.E.R. Training, for over 7 years, Morgan was the Behavior Specialist for the 9th Grade Academy at Denby High School and served as the Manager of Behavior and Culture at GOAL Line (Detroit Community Education Commission).

In 2017, Morgan decided to incorporate her gift for acting and playwriting into her “healing work,” and founded, LLC. She is an award-winning playwright, a 2017 Mitten Lab Fellow, 2017-2018 University Musical Society (UMS) Artist in Residence, 2018 Playwriting Scholarship Recipient with PlayPenn Theatre in Philadelphia, PA, 2018 Kresge Arts in Detroit Fellow, 2021 4.0 Essentials Fellow, 2022 Eastern Michigan University Porter Chair recipient, 2022 4.0 Tiny Fellow and a 2022 Comcast RISE Technology Recipient. Her work has been presented at ASHE, AERA, OABSE, CEYou Plus, and a plethora of schools, universities and community organizations. Morgan credits Jesus Christ for her gifts of anything creative.

Our Mission

ART + Activism
Our mission is simple: 
We use art to heal a variety of communities
through guided discussion and 
connections to available resources.

*Guiding Scriptures:  2 Corinthians 1:3-11  | Isaiah 61*

Why ARTivism?

ARTivism was birthed from the notion that the creation of art is the beginning of social activism. The goal is to develop and produce art that gets communities discussing issues that people don't usually talk about, for a variety of different reasons. Once discussions are started, then connections begin forming inner- and inter-communally that can fuel these conversations with action. And eventually with action, comes change. provides individual and group healing support and workshops that incorporate artistic expression. We connect individuals with community resources that are: beneficial to their growth and development, will enhance their ability to integrate more effectively into community settings, and that will enhance their skills of daily living. 

At the core, tackles emotional, mental and social barriers by:

  1. Using creative expression as a low-risk introduction to stigmatized and taboo topics plaguing various communities.

  2. Performing and presenting in spaces within communities (theatres, schools, community centers, etc.) in order to increase attendance and accessibility. This also reduces the stigma around attending clinical settings for mental health treatment.

  3. Addressing a community-wide lack of access to resources by recruiting representatives from mental health organizations, business coaching leaders, business branding leaders, and mentoring organizations and directly connecting them to our audience members. 

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