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The Danger of Hope

by Morgan Breon

The Danger of Hope  (formerly THE W.I.T.CH.) is a one-person stage play showing the joys, pains, and struggles of Ms. Morgan, a newly hired Behavior Specialist at a Detroit public high school. When hope begins to crack open her students’ hearts and minds, Ms. Morgan’s office might just be the most dangerous room in the entire school.


Featuring Morgan Breon in a tour de force role as she portrays an array of characters in the public school setting including: a behavior specialist, students, teachers and administrators.  ​

*This play, formerly titled THE W.I.T.CH., was originally produced on April 28, 2021 at Theatre NOVA in Ann Arbor, MI.

(Diane Hill, Producing Artistic Director)

[VIDEO] What's Your Favorite Scene? (9m11s)

About the Video: Four advocates of Black youth: a Clinical Therapist and Librarian (Marna Clowney-Robinson), a Director of Instructional Support (Matt Mangan), a seasoned Elementary School Teacher (Munira Spiller) and ART-ivist (Morgan Breon) speak about The Danger of Hope (formerly THE W.I.T.C.H.) The play is a part of a professional development module that uses theatre to facilitate discussion for educators and mental health practitioners focusing on symptoms of trauma among Black youth.

(Hopes for the Project)

In this video, community leaders share their hope for the play's impact.

(with Morgan Breon)

Playwright Morgan Breon is interviewed by Brianna Brown, founder of Accelerate.


A video of the talkback that followed the premiere performance of

The Danger of Hope.


A review of the play's premiere by Roy Sexton of Reel Roy Reviews.


Move the messages around to see what people are saying!

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