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ART + Activism

Our mission is simple: 
Use art to heal a variety of communities
through guided discussion and 
connections to available resources.

Photo courtesy of the Interlochen Center for the Arts, taken by Karin Williams.


One of the main goals of, LLC is to use art to start conversations in communities. These conversations are not only meant to foster communication, but to empower communities by connecting them with resources. ARTivism comes in many forms: performances coupled with dialogue, seminars, workshops, presentations, etc. We cater our ARTivism to the needs of our clientele.

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With this initiative, our goal is to present art that fosters new perspectives. Art is a great way to examine different topics in a way that gives everyone a "shared" point of reference in an entertaining way! Learn more about our work by visiting our "Projects" section.

*Photo courtesy of the Interlochen Center for the Arts, taken by Karin Williams.

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With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies that help connect communities with more resources. One of our greatest resources is facilitated dialogue, which creates spaces for communities to talk about topics that may go unaddressed or are often considered taboo. Contact us to learn more about booking, LLC to assist in starting conversations in your community!




At, LLC, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in educating at all levels. Whether it be: secondary school, collegiate or corporate levels, we are committed to developing curricula that services the needs of our clients. Learn more about our "ARTivism" under our "Projects" section!


A Stage Play


A Docu-Play

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Art + Activism



Photo courtesy of the MITTEN Lab, taken by Wolf Tytschkowski.

Photo courtesy of the MITTEN Lab, taken by Wolf Tytschkowski.


for "Waking Up Alive" Stage Play

I think theatre artists specifically are excited about the script because it's uncharted territory...we don't see a lot of plays specifically about mental health in the space of religion...

E. Rodriguez, 

Playwright and Director

This play can be a great tool to witness to people, encourage people and make people think and assess their own life. Everyone can benefit from this play. I would suggest having discussions with the audience after the play to talk about the issues.

C. Knox,

Christian and Juris Doctorate

This play creates an opportunity for those suffering from mental health issues, to overcome the stigma associated with mental health and to be open and honest about their feeling, fears and issues...and begin the opportunity to heal. Overall riveting. Four stars!

S. Hall,

Clinical Social Worker

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Photo courtesy of Goldhouse Media..


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