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A Refugee of Me

by Morgan Breon, MSW, Ed MA, BA Psychology, BA English

A silent sufferer turned social worker uses her life journey to guide readers into

hope and light through poetry, commentary and activities.

Morgan Breon's book of poetry is devastating in its bold, clear-eyed, honest life experiences of love, loneliness, rejection, physical and spiritual pain, wrapped up in the heart's cry to know, "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?" A deeply personal journey...I as the reader, felt honored to be invited in, to look and listen.


-Diane Venora,

Director of Transformation Artists School of Acting



Breon's writings specific to self-harm and related mental health topics are so inspiring. She is able to describe her experiences in a way that gives voice and light to such important issues while giving a voice to people who may often feel voiceless.


-Dr. Danielle Busby,

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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A Refugee of Me

A Collection of Poems

*Over 20 years of poems discussing depression, suicidal ideation, faith, friendships and finding peace.


*Author commentary on select poems.


*Chapter exercises that offer a preview to the activities found in A Refugee of Me: The Workbook!

A Refugee of Me

The Workbook

*Select poems from the book A Refugee of Me.

*Six (6) sections filled with in-depth activities for self-reflection and creative expression around topics such as: depression, spirituality, setting boundaries and goal-setting.

*A fun and engaging way to support your journey toward increased self-discovery and self-awareness.

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A Refugee of Me

The Peformance Poetry Albums

Performance poetry albums featuring poems from various chapters of the book, "A Refugee of Me" by Morgan Breon.

*The poems are performed by Morgan Breon.

A Refugee of Me

Self-Injury Awareness Day Poetry Reading

In honor of Self-Injury Awareness Day (March 1st, 2021),, LLC hosted a LIVE poetry reading via Facebook.

Author Morgan Breon read poems "A Refugee of Me: A Collection of Poems," and talked about her experiences with self-injury and depression.

The poetry reading was coupled with a conversation with Clinical Therapist Priscilla Cortez.

Self-Injury Awareness Day LIVE HBL Event

Runtime: 58m 07s

**Trigger Warning: The topic of self-injury and depression can be very difficult to discuss and hear about. Please take care of yourself before, during and after watching the recording of the event., is not responsible for the information presented and how it is used.

**Disclaimer: This event was hosted for the purposes of conversation, and the recording should not replace any medical advice from a mental health professional or information from an official mental health resource. If you or anyone you know are battling self-injury or depression, please seek help from a medical professional., LLC is an arts-based company that uses art to start conversations in community. We are not a mental health resource.

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