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It's Already In You

Participants will learn that many of the skills that are encouraged in higher institutions have already been instilled in them throughout their life journeys and the ways they have navigated different experiences.

It's Already In You

The It’s Already In You presentation will consist of a speech that incorporates: activities and images. Participants will consider a variety of different ways that they have already been introduced to and/or have implemented skills around: critical thinking, time management and public speaking. Participants will be invited to celebrate the ways that they have developed these skills and to implement them in a way that best suits their needs and goals.

"This workshop was a blessing. I loved every second and hope that this class continues to present itself throughout my journey."

"I loved this ! Very insightful and encouraging. It lit a fire in me that I needed."

"I went in expecting a simple presentation about how the tools to succeed were inside me but it really helped me understand what to look for in myself."

"It was really well informed and thought out."

"I learned different techniques to understand myself and that's awesome.'

"I didn’t know what to expect because I didn’t plan on going but I am very glad that I did ☺️"

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