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Relationship Coaching Program

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Meet the Coach!

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Hello! My name is Morgan Breon. I am the founder and CEO of, LLC. I hold dual Bachelors in Psychology and English and dual Masters in Clinical Social Work and Education Leadership. I am also a Certified Relationship Coach in the Gibson Integrated Attachment Theory. (There's a point to this, I promise! ♥ )


I have been consulting/coaching/counseling for 10+ years and have used a method based in Attachment Style research to support a variety of people in examining and working towards healthy relationships with themselves and others. The goal of is to introduce people to their Attachment Style descriptors so that they can begin navigating themselves, their relationships and the world with more self-awareness and clarity.

 About the                            Relationship Coaching Program! 


What Our Relationship NOT:

  • Therapy. While we LOVE and endorse therapy. This coaching method will not primarily focus on processing emotions. Rather we will use emotions, along with other factors, to examine patterns in relationships.

  • Telling you which people to “let people go” from your life. While you may decide this after gaining more awareness, the goal is to give you the tools to assess whether or not  your current relationships are serving you well.

  • A “How To” course on relationships. The MAIN goal of this relationship coaching program is to help you gain AWARENESS in your relationships. 

What Our Relationship Coaching...IS:

  • Clarity about your relationship Attachment Style.

  • Awareness about WHY you behave and think in relationships the way that you do.

  • An opportunity to examine patterns in your relationships, empowering you to consider what course of action is best for YOU, based on your #RelationshipGoals

  • BONUS: An opportunity to explore how child and adult relationships impact your relationship with God.





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